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What is edc resources?

EDC RESOURCES INT LTD is a passionate (ethical) business brokerage company. Our primary focus is on African oriented businesses and firms seeking to do business in Africa and or with African firms. 

We provide the solutions through our services that will break the cultural barriers, remove the obstacles, eliminate the worries, explain the norms and nuances and guide your firm to a successful business relationship with your chosen business.  

We provide you with the strategic steps that will ensure that the challenges you face in doing business with African firms and in Africa are eliminated.

We will provide you with logical steps that will utilise your firms’s business focus to provide a multilateral (layered) platform for the success of your business in Africa.  

We will utilise your product or service to create bespoke solutions designed for concrete results that will transform your business opportunities in Africa and with your African firm. 

We are here to act as a bridge between you and African businesses.

So contact us today and we can handle any of your international business needs and help take you business growth to the next level.

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  • 35 Cyril street, Newport, United Kingdom. NP19 0DP
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