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africa - the next big global market

Many global executives and academics assume that theres fewer than 100 if not ZERO companies in Africa that have revenues of over $1 Billion. The reality is much more optimistic… over 400 companies in Africa earn over £1 Billion in revenue a year. Not only do they earn this much, they are often faster growing and more influencial than their global peers. So what really makes Africa such a fast growing and profitable market to conquer?

A population that is fast growing and urbanizing

Africa has a population of around 1.2 billion people currently. Projections currently say this should reach 1.7 billion by 2030.

Africa is pushing to close its infrastructure gap

There may be some truth about the gap in infrastructure between Africa and it's international counter parts, but investment in infrastructure has doubled to around $80 billion a year. This has made a great deal of progress closing the gap.

Africa is Going through an industrial revolution

Africa is going through a massive industrial revolution that has led to ramping up production of everything from automobiles to processed food.

Innovations to unleash resource wealth

Africa has been known for its abundance of minerals and resources that present great investement opportunities. New innovations and investments mean getting your hands on these resources is not only easy, but much more cost effective now than other international options.

Our key services

EDC Resources connects businesses with other firms, suppliers and individuals in Africa. We provide the following unique services for all of our clients.


If you are starting a business or have partnerships in Africa we can help you reduce risk and ease your worries.


We can help you build connections with African businesses. If you want Partnerships, Affiliates or Franchises in Africa, EDC can help you.


We carry out indepth verification of your partners, associates, and affiliates in Africa. We can make sure you are doing business with the right people.


We will work with you to help you grow in the increasingly lucrative African market.


We make sure that the future of your business is safe from economic, social and political issues.


We use our local agents to locate the best quality products for the best prices for you.

Own an african business?

At EDC we also help African businesses build working relationships with international companies. For more information visit our 'Taking African Businesses International' service.

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Frequently asked questions

Population (huge market)

Africa has one of the fastest growing population in the world with projections of the population reaching 2 billion people by 2050. Most of these rapid growth will be people with rising spending power and moving towards buying consumer goods and services and moving into the middle class.

Young Educated workforce

Africa has the fastest growing workforce in the world. The workforce are educated, young, urbane, entrepreneurial, computer literate, driven and very hard working and they can be harnessed for your firms growth.

Import/Export market

Over $850 billion USD is spent importing good from all over the world to Africa. The question is why is your firm not benefitting?

Africa exports goods and services  in excess of $750 billion USD yearly. Why is your firm not in this market?

Fastest growing economies

The six of the ten fastest growing economies are in Africa and out performing China, India, Brazil an others. This countries include, Ghana,  Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal,South Africa, Mauritius, Rwanda. Others like Côte d’Ivoire Djibouti, Tanzania, Zambia, Egypt, Tunisia are fast catching up.


Consumer expenditure is set to rise from $600 billion USD to nearly 1 USD trillion by 2020.

The challenges you will face is the same that you will face in any other economy with a twist that a grounding understanding of the socio-economic situation will assist you to overcome the challenges.

Most African countries and governments are seeking FDI and have enacted laws that assist foreign firms and businesses to invest and do business without interference by the governments.

The African   governments are reforming the business environments and creating attractive   laws  to actively improve, encourage, assist, protect and aid investors. Taxes are low and repatriation of funds is allowed and encouraged for foreign investors.

The African governments are now actively encouraging contracts to have arbitration clauses and fiercely enforcing it to attract FDI.

Culture is the total way of life of people in Africa. The understanding and being sensitive of the social norms, values, ethics, and behaviour of people will actually give you a competitive advantage in business.  The African influence of culture means that people are very welcoming, accommodating and willing to try new ventures.

Respect, greetings and acknowledgement of people will get you very far.

The English, French, and Arabic languages are the most spoken other languages in Africa is not an issue in doing business in Africa in the 21st century.

 Mining- Minerals and other natural resources

African countries by far have the highest deposits of gold, diamonds, silver,oil, gas,copper, cobalt,iron, uranium, bauxite, marble, Quartz, kimberlite and other natural mineral resources in the world. Less than 10% of these minerals have been exploited.


African countries possess the highest amount of arable land for farming and less than 8% has been cultivated.

Infrastructure and construction

The continent requires a huge investment in infrastructure and construction work.

Other areas of interest include trade, commerce, hotels, tourism, eco-tourism, franchises, education, health services, hospitals and insurance.

EDC RESOURCES INTERNATIONAL LIMITED should be your starting point. We are a UK registered firm wholly dealing with the African market and people who want to do business and or trade with African firms, government and businesses.

We will act as your brokers and your guide to start the most exciting business opportunities you will ever get.

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